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So I should apologize for the lack of update last week but I was sick as a dog (why do people even say this? do dogs get ridiculously sick or something because I haven’t seen it and also frat boys get a lot more sick in my humble opinion) I was sick as a frat boy at Mardi Gras with some sort…

Read the things, if you’re not doing it already.

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Stephen and Emily messing up creating new words at San Diego Comic-Con 2014 [x] [x]

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Ladies of MCU - Natasha Romanoff/Black Widow

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Cosima’s sweater appreciation post

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That time Hannah offended a ghost. (x)

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I would like to play someone who completely loses her shit out of love or anger…to be able to go into this breakdown. I’d like to do it.
— Evelyne Brochu saying exactly what Clone Club so desperately wants to see happen in season 3. (via glassesanddreads)

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Fanfic writers: Grace Helbig, the girl with the blonde brunette brunette with blonde tips …….. you know what fuck this.


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